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                                             Why I Am Running for President


My name is Michael Steinberg. I am a candidate for President because I, like you, envision a country where policy is based on the interests of the entire country, and not just on a certain constituency.

I believe in the free market system, but I also believe the system should be fair. Middle income earners should make up a large percentage of our population. Every child should have the opportunity for a quality education. Every young adult should have been given the education and/or training to enter the workforce. Workers must be paid a fair wage. Everyone should have access to healthcare.

Currently our monetary policy and tax system favors the very wealthy. If someone works hard, saves, invests, grows a business, and becomes wealthy, he or she should not be begrudged. That is the American way. However, our tax system should be equitable, so that individuals and corporations who have greatly benefited from our economic system, pay their fair share of taxes to support this system.

As a Social Security disability attorney for over 30 years, I have seen first hand the importance of Social Security and Medicare. As President, I will ensure that the Social Security Retirement and Disability programs remain solvent and are operated in a professional, courteous and efficient manner. I oppose any privatization of Social Security, however, I have seen the benefit of Medicare working with private insurance companies to reduce healthcare cost and provide healthcare more efficiently. This is why I support a Medicare option to the ACA health insurance exchange program. Currently Medicare eligible persons can opt to be insured by a private insurance company. Conversely, persons who are eligible to purchase insurance through a healthcare exchange, should be able to purchase Medicare at the fair market price.

As President, one of the biggest issues that must be addressed is reducing our debt and eliminating our deficit. There is a lot of ways we can reduce fraud and waste, however, there isn't 1.5 trillion dollars of fraud and waste. Each of us must make some sacrifices. 

We must also support laws that encourage innovation, investment in durable goods, machinery and equipment, and creating and keeping jobs in America.

America must insist that the rest of the world trade with us on a level playing field. Our trade partners must adhere to comparable wage, environmental, and safety laws, so as not to have an unfair advantage.


My goal is to get on the ballot in every state and territory for the 2016 Democratic presidential primary elections and try to win as many delegates as possible. With these delegates, and by virtue of substantial minority support, I will advocate for a platform which is consistent with the ideals supported by the majority members of the Democratic Party. I will attempt to get  the other 2016 presidential candidates to talk about the Social Security disability and retirement programs, including the long-term solvency problems and the unfairly attacked disability claims process. I will ask the other 2016 presidential candidates to make commitments to support funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs so that this agency can make timely decisions on disability claims. I will challenge those candidates to clearly spell out their plans to ensure Medicare continues to be able to allow our seniors to obtain the healthcare they need. 


As a 2016 presidential candidate, I want to send a message to Washington and to the Democratic Party that rank and file Democrats want a voice in the platform of the party. I will be a candidate that supports your position on the issues that are important to you.

Let's get Washington to focus on the issues that directly affect you, not just the special interests.


Please help me get your message out.


Michael Steinberg

Michael Steinberg

              For President



Mahatma Ghandi
  1. "The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members."

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For the most part, it is universally accepted that Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to win the Democratic Party's nomination for president. According to sources such as Politics1.com, Centerforpolitics.org, Politico.com, and Wikipedia there are about 9 nationally nationally known potential Democratic 2016 presidential candidates. Of those only 2 or 3 would possibly run, if Hillary Clinton entered the race, and most likely, even they would not run. However, there is a significant minority of Democratic voters who are concerned with Clinton's domestic policies. ​Clinton had accepted approximately $400,000 from Goldman Sachs in connection with several speeches. Many progressives are concerned that by accepting such large sums of money from this investment firm, it may influence her policies during her presidency. They are also concerned with how aggressive she will be in addressing income inequality, given her history. ​Clinton, who will be 69 as of the 2016 presidential election, has not yet announced her candidacy, but there is a clear indication that she will run. In that case, many Democrats are concerned that the primary elections will be nothing more than a coronation. They would at least like some semblance of a primary election so that issues can be debated and grassroots Democrats have some say-so in the platform. It appears that if Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy, no second-tier or even third-tier Democrats will run against her, unless they do so very briefly, to gain national exposure and possibly showcase themselves for a potential selection as a vice presidential candidate.